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Money Changes Everything

Watch what happens to a group of friends when they all go in together and participate in the state lottery and win. Lives will change forever as they quickly learn that money changes everything they ever knew about each other. Relationships will grow and friendships will be torn apart. People's secrets will be revealed and mysteries will be solved. Make sure to catch it from the beginning! Windfall premieres June 8th, 10/9c.

· produced by: regency
· format: drama (hour)
· status: new this summer (yet to premiere)
· time slot: thursdays from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST
· current season: 1 (13 episodes)
· visit the official web site

who's in it?
· alice greczyn (alayna on "quintuplets")
· d.j. cotrona
· jaclyn desantis
· jason gedrick
· jon foster
· lana parrilla
· luke perry
· malinda williams
· sarah jane morris
· sarah wynter
· tembi locke

who's making it?
· david semel (DIR/CO-EP on "house") as DIR
· gwendolyn m. parker (WRTR/CO-PROD on "without a trace") as WRTR/CO-EP
· laurie mccarthy (WRTR/CO-EP on "the handler") as WRTR/EP
· robin schwartz as PROD

what's it about?
(from NBC's press release) "Windfall," from executive producer Laurie McCarthy ("Felicity," "CSI: Miami") follows 20 lottery winners in the wake of winning a massive, 386 million-dollar lottery. Unfortunately, their initial ecstasy is tempered by the romantic, social and family complications caused by instant wealth. At the center is a close-knit foursome who have known each other since college when the "wrong" spouses were in love. Luke Perry stars as Peter Schaefer, a devoted husband to Nina (Lana Parrilla) and father of two. Parrilla finds herself caught between her love for her husband and the deep feelings she has for her college beau and her husband's best friend, Cameron Walsh, played by Jason Gedrick. Sarah Wynter plays Cameron's loving but suspicious wife. A relative stranger to their circle is D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers, who finds that winning the lottery threatens to expose a dark secret in his past. Also, for Damien Cutler (Jon Foster, "The Door in the Floor") a rebellious teen, winning the cash means he is set free from his parents -- with millions in his pocket. Alice Greczyn ("The Dukes of Hazzard") stars as Frankie, a 16-year-old girl whose separated parents' newfound wealth sets off a marital war. Rounding out the cast is Jaclyn DeSantis ("Road Trip") who plays Maggie Hernandez, a nurse whose generous heart and newfound wealth prove to be a dangerous combo.

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